Tips on how to Feed Your Asian Arowana

Published: 26th October 2010
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Usually very placid and mild mannered the Asian Arowana changes when he feeds. Arowana, who are carnivorous, love to chase prey and they also get a nutricious meal.

In this report I would like to provide you a very few tips on exactly what sort of meals the Arowana can consume. It is important that you feed your Arowana properly to ensure that they remain wholesome and pleased.

Rate of Feeding

Up to six inches - 3 times a day

Arowanas from 6 to 14inches- twice a day

Arowanas above 15 inches - once a day or alternate day.

You must not overfeed

If you over-feed your Arowana over a prolonged period it can affect their lifespan and also the potential for breeding. Use the guidlines above for a happy fish.

Mix it up a little

Asian Arowana will need to have a blended type of food as this will help them get a mixed type of nutrient. Sustaining the identical food can lead to a fish not getting the suitable nutrition.

Should I feed my Arowana alive or dead food?

Some breeders recommend only Live food for your Asian Arowana. Live food is more nutriciuos but it also has some downsides. Using live food can also mean the rsik of inroducing contamination or disease into your fish tank. A lot of people use both dead and live food to limit the disease risk and also to give a nice balance of vitamins.

Different types of food

Live Prawn or shrimps - Great food which are rich in Vitamin A which will help give your Arowana a rich vibrant color. A favorite with Arowanas.

Prawn meat - I only use fresh ones and not frozen Remove the hard bits and leave just the white flesh.

Krill is also a very good provider of vitamins. Don't forget to crush the shell and then soak them to soften them up a bit before you feed them to a baby Arowana.

Crickets or grasshoppers - Not too big. The smaller the fish, the smaller the cricket. Try not to use wild crickets as they may have been contaminated. Always get your crickets from a store that are more than likely to be farm bred.

Centipedes - A great food for your Arowana either frozen or live.

Fish that are alive - A slightly high risk of new disease with Live fish. Keep the fish small and mainstream, make sure no exotic breeds with poison involved in their make up. I strongly suggest not using goldfish. They contain much fatty deposits which can build up behind the Arowanas eye and cause Drop Eye.

Dead fish meat, this is fine but cut away the fat tissue. Avoid frozen fish meat as the removal of the protein could cause liver and internal organ trouble if used over a long period.

Worms (earthworms) - One of the greatest foods for the Arowana. Exceedingly rich in vitamins and virtually no disease. You should really give earthworms a good squeeze before you use them to get rid of the soil inside .

Fish Pellets - Used as an additional food only. They should be used as a supplement but not as its only food. Some Aquariums will tell you it is OK and it may be for some fish but in the main they need the nutrient provided by the above food types.

I hope you enjoyed this article and find it informative. For more tips on Asian Arowanas go to my site which is HERE .

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